So, One Page Money Makers is released as well as it appears to such as that every person is on board.

I am sure that you will certainly obtain like 10 or even more emails concerning it, but I acquired a preview at the item, and also would like to provide you my review.

What is One Page Money Maker?

Matt Bacak & Lee Collins, on-line marketing professionals since 1999 are releasing a surprising update to Lee’s smash hit “One Page Money Makers” that now discloses among the most significant Google LEAK’s they have actually found in the last 15 years.

The One Page Money Maker system is supported by millions of dollars in revenue and over 10 years of testing & study. It’s a proven approach for establishing an on-line realm or gaining simply enough money to spend for your favored past-time, you have actually reached try it the easy One Page Money Makers page

Straightforward, yet very effective.

Indeed it is, and that’s why they’ve simplified it right into 4 step system, where Lee & Matt break down every little thing in min information.

Look at just what people have actually stated with regards to One Page Money Makers v1 just before Matt & Lee got together as well as place it on steriods:

“It’s so refreshing to discover a real person which wants to spill the beans, and reveal you precisely what’s should make your on the internet endeavor a success. Whether your a Pro or a newbie, I would highly advise looking into

“I took the One Page Money Makers as well as being hesitant developed a solitary web page that now gains an average of $32.83 a week, not much you state! Add that up over a year! … and that’s just one page. It’s also my second highest transforming site for That was my very first One Page Cash Makers business website I created.”.

“I believe this is a terrific idea and it actually is easy to implement. Do it as soon as, twice. the third time ares less complicated. It works for everyone prepped to put a little effort right into exactly what they are doing! I directly recommend it to all my clients!”.

Can it get any better than that?

So in the end, I choose One Page Money Makers. It’s an excellent system, that really works.

If you’ve been searching for a means to generate income online, then you actually have to take action before the launch is completed.

I would recommend that you acquire this right now!

What do I need to start my home business?

Apart from passion and time you are going to need just a few items to start building your dream.

1. You’ll need a desk preferably in a separated room.

2. You’ll need a decent computer with an Internet connection. Yes, no matter what your business is about, you’ll be needing a computer to be able to market your business, take orders and to keep track of your customers etc. Software such as a wordprocessor and a spreadsheet is easy to get on the Internet. Try this:

(worst case scenario you could actually rent/borrow a public computer in a coffe-shop or a public library etc for a short time, but I seriously don’t recommend it)

3. You’ll need a credit card good for a few bucks. Starting a business with absolutely no money down is very hard but it has been done so I won’t say it’s impossible, but close to.

4. When you’ve taken your first steps you’ll also need a website and an autoresponder to send out automated mail to your leads and customers. You can get that here: If you however plan to make money online selling yours or other peoples products may I suggest you start here:

There you go.

Apart from the necessary business-tools (depending on your type of business), tax and legal documents you might need to start a businees (which you most likely will find at your local tax office) this is it.

Good luck and let’s get the show on the road.

‘Til next time

Magnus Eklof aka Mr Home Business

Where Do I Start?

You need to start right here, right now with what you’ve got.


You see, I am convinced we were put on this earth with a mission. We are all hardwired to contribute with something. Everyone of us has a thing we love doing and that we’re really good at. You’re free to dismiss this as completely bull, but if you want to run a successful business you need PASSION. Because without passion you’re going to have a hard time pushing through when times get rough and you can only be passionate about something you love doing. As I told you in an earlier post I’m not here to sweet talk you. I’m here to help you start a successful business, so you absolutely need to find that something that rocks your world.

So what’s that something, you say? I don’t know what that something is?

Here’s how you find your something….

Sit down and relax and really think about what you love doing. What would you actually love doing all day (and all night) long? What are you really good at? What’s the thing that really get you going?

Here’s the first little secret for you, when you do what you absolutely love, it doesn’t feel like you’re working, right?

But I can’t make any money with that, you say. Well think again. You only get paid for service rendered here on earth! Can you give/sell this thing in any shape or form as a service to someone else who needs/wants this thing, where this thing being anything from information to huge buildings? Of course you can and here’s the second little secret for you, there is a demand for what you love doing, there are other people on this earth who absolutely needs your knowledge, otherwise it wouldn’t be hardwired into you to love it. I am well aware that this might sound “a bit out there” but nevertheless it’s the truth, whether you choose to believe it or not and in here lies secret number three, you absolutely have to believe in your self and your thing or you simply won’t make it as an entrepreneur.

I’ll leave you with your thinking for today but you are most welcome to put in any question or comments that comes to mind.

‘Til next time
Magnus aka Mr Home Business

Ps If you’re interested in learning more about your possibilities to contribute to the world may I suggest you take a look at this.

How to make money from home

So you’ve come to the end of the line, you’ve had it with filling other peoples wallets and now it’s time to do it by yourself or you’re in the unfortunate company of all the formerly employed who has lately been laid off.

OK, luckily for you I’m here to help you whether you’re planning on doing business online or offline. I am fortunate enough to be able to say “been there, done that”. I currently run businesses both online and offline from the comfort of my own home or where ever I may be.

It was certainly not an easy ride to begin with but it has been totally worth it. I’m not going to sweet talk you into believing it will be as easy as 1,2,3 for you either in the beginning. But if you’re prepared to put up with just a few hours of sleep and, depending on your current savings, some not so prosperous months I’ll do all I can to help and guide you on your way to the wonderful life of entrepreneurship.

‘Til next time
Magnus aka Mr Home Business

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